Three-quarters of employees say that financial concerns have impacted their work and one in three say that money worries are their biggest concern.

Statistics show that many of us will worry about money at some point in our lives – no matter how much or little of it we have. It could be whether you have enough for retirement, wondering whether your investments are performing as they should or whether your family is protected if the unexpected happens.

It is likely that, as an employer, you already offer benefits to help tackle some of these issues such as an auto-enrolment pension scheme or death in service benefit. But, do you offer the support and education to help your employees understand, and get the most value, out of these incentives? Do they understand them in relation to their own financial position and do they know which boxes to tick in the myriad of options to make sure they are choosing correctly for their own future? The options they choose ultimately have a huge impact on the outcome – though it may not seem so important in the present moment or at induction when they are excited about their new role ahead.

Recently, we’ve noticed that there are a plethora of forward-thinking employers in the northeast who are striving to deliver outstanding experiences to their employees. They value the contribution their team make to their business and want to go beyond the status quo to ensure their health, happiness and well-being.

By collaborating with Vintage, you can ensure that the benefits you give are providing maximum value and that you, your management team and your employees have access to personal, professional advice and education to help them make the most of their lives, even beyond their employment with you.

We help you to deliver a bespoke package (sitting alongside any other well-being initiatives) which genuinely helps your employees and is valued by them, making them more engaged and better prepared for the future.

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