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In May this year the data protection principles that we abide by are being updated to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These regulations place more stringent rules on those who handle your information and anyone who holds or processes your personal information will need to tell you exactly what they will use the information for.


From a personal viewpoint this is welcome news. Your information can no longer be used or passed to third parties without either your explicit consent or a mutual legitimate interest. On the whole it will give you much more control over who can see and use your information and bring with it the following benefits:

•No more cold calls

•Less spam mail

•Only see or receive marketing information for things you have a genuine interest in

•Greater control over who can and can’t contact you or see your information

•The ability to move your information from one place to another seamlessly

•More security

•Greater access to the information stored on you


We place the highest importance on our client’s security and privacy and strive to always deliver our service to the highest possible standards. These changes are an extension of that and an opportunity to contact you in the right way with information that is relevant and meaningful.

If you’d like to know more about our privacy policy or the changes please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01642 525050 or email privacy@vintage-fp.com.


We will treat your data as if it’s our own. We will never share it with third parties beyond those we need to, to be able to carry out our service to you.

We will only ever use your information to enhance your experience and to tailor the service you receive from us to your individual needs and preferences or to develop our offering for the benefit of future Vintage clients.

We will always be clear on why and how your data will be processed and stored by us.

Your data will always be stored securely using our up-to-date systems.

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