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The Vintage Investment Committee is responsible for conducting fund and investment research, as well as managing the Vintage model portfolios. The committee is made up of senior planners and analysts who meet regularly to review and discuss the investment solutions provided to our clients.



As the future economic climate is uncertain, we generally do not try to predict which asset classes will do best at any given time. By combining individual holdings which invest in different asset classes and geographical locations, we create a portfolio of complementary funds, which benefit from diversification in risk and performance. The objective being that the level of risk is managed within the individual’s risk group and the performance meets their long-term financial objectives.

Vintage manage a range of model portfolios to suit different investors dependent on their needs, tolerance for risk and capacity for loss. The chart below demonstrates a sample asset allocation for the Vintage Balanced Model Portfolio.





The Vintage investment process involves several steps to ensure the funds selected and overall investment strategy meet our client’s needs. We make use of independent fund research provided by Raynor Spencer Mills (RSMR). They look at the performance and risk of individual funds, as well as ensuring the funds have robust fund management processes in place.

After RSMR have filtered down over 3,500 funds, we start to build our investment portfolios. We make use of fund analysis tools to help select the individual funds and consider a variety of factors including:

  • Performance
  • Risk
  • Charges
  • Proven track record
  • Funds under management



The committee meets quarterly to discuss economic factors which may impact the performance of assets as well as financial themes and trends. We take a long-term approach to investment performance and understand that short term volatility is to be expected. However, we still believe it is important to fully review the current investment strategies and portfolios each quarter.

Individual funds are researched, and comparisons undertaken with alternative solutions. This comparison involves performance, risk and costs. The research is analysed in detail to determine if any changes are required and whether this will improve our client’s investment strategy.


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